What is Timebanking?

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Timebanking is simply a way for communities to exchange skills, experience and interests. Individuals and organisations earn time credits by giving practical help and support to others and then spend their credits when they need some help themselves. For example, by helping an elderly neighbour with their ironing for an hour, or walking someone's dog, you can earn 1 time credit - you could then spend this credit when another member of the time bank helps you for an hour, perhaps by pulling together a CV or with helping you tackle your overgrown garden! It's very different to volunteering it's ad hoc, with no commitment; it's open to all and appeals to those who can't take on the obligation of traditional volunteering. It works because everyone has something to offer - and every hour is equal. Timebanking is a social and support mechanism, in other words a return to good neighbourliness, and so really helps to reduce social isolation, tackles loneliness, builds skills and improves health and wellbeing. You can find out more at the Timebanking UK website HERE

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Supported by Timebanking UK and Hampshire County Council